Bloggers, Tea, and the B2 Link

Sometimes it can be fun being a blogger, especially when you get invited to a special afternoon tea and get to indulge in the delicious selection of food, drinks and dessert, all from the brand new tenants of Raffles City and the new B2 link.

The current “City Link” that links City Hall MRT Station to Suntec City is an extremely long walk that usually takes about 15 minutes to complete. Now that the new Circle Line is in place, there are two more stations between Raffles City and Suntec City – The Esplanade and The Promenade. The new B2 link takes you from City Hall MRT Station to the Esplanade MRT Station in LESS THAN 5 minutes!

Back to our Tea Session – Check out the tenants we visited:

From premium burgers to healthy soups to cold-pressed juices to yogurt and thin crust pizza, it was an eye-opener for me that Raffles City had such a diverse range of tenants, as I usually just visit Starbucks or Toastbox. What’s more, every stop we made there was a representative who gave us more insight to their products and how they were made. Along the B2 link there is an aromatherapy place called Dazzling Naturals that sells soothing scents and a shop that recommends a diet based on your blood type – its called “My Type Store”. There’s even a pet shop!

It was definitely a fun-filled and educational afternoon. Thanks for organizing this!

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